Kappa Delta Epsilon maintains a well-behaved, reputable status in their social life. While making friends and having fun, Epsilon stills strives for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest.

Epsilon pairs with fraternities every week for exchanges. Exchanges are parties rented out at a venue in Baton Rouge by the fraternity to spread social awareness of our chapter. Many of them have vivid and entertaining themes! From paint wars to lumberjacks, Epsilon members dress in hilarious themes and have fun.

Epsilon also hosts a White Rose Formal every Spring. The freshmen girls wear long, white dresses and get presented to the chapter by their fathers. They get presented by walking down the main foyer stairs and accepting a white rose. The whole chapter meets for the White Rose Formal at the house and gets on buses to take them to venue. This year's White Rose Formal is on March 8th at Hemingbough Plantation in St. Francisville!

Epsilon also hosts a Spring and Fall grub. Grub stands for Girls Round Up Boys and is merely a date party for the chapter. Each grub has a theme voted on by the chapter. Last Fall's grub was themed "You Used to Love Me," where members dressed up as old fads and fashions they used to love. From Little Rascals to parachutes, Epsilon dressed to impress.

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